Dale and the Derelicts Play The Ventures Songbook

Story: I'm having trouble recalling when this CD was recorded but it was circa late 90's - early 2000's, (one of the guys will have to get me the accurate time). Three members of a Ventures internet fanclub decided it would be fun to record a collection of favortie Ventures tunes. The only trouble was no two members lived anywhere near each other. Dale Monette, the drummer lived in Boston, Russ the keyboard-guitar-bass-and affectively the producer and final mix engineer lived in Milwaukee and I (on guitar) live in the Los Angeles area. So we sent cassettes and CD-R's of our varous parts to each other and Russ did the final assembly. Dale had extra studio time in a professional recording studio to do his drum parts.  Russ owned a pro studio and I did my parts playing into the computer with the best gear I had.

Was this the first time this kinda cross-country tape trading resulted in an "album"? Heck no. Its been done for many years with professional studios. I understand Dolly and Kenny weren't in the same part of the country when they recorded their duo hit in the '80's. The process was done with many duo's and groups I'm sure. But this was a fun way to go for some folks communicating on the interenet.

Anyways, the tunes and cover-art are below. All mistakes are intentional.

Oh, also note that the back cover art is a complete computer photo-program mock-up, assembled just as the music was from three individual pictures. In the photo Russ sent to me, he was origianlly playing an electric bass. I carefully removed the bass, reconstructed the clothes that were hidden behind the base (using a "clone brush" feature) and before ya know it, he's got his arm on his pal Marty's shoulder. Amazing (if I do say so myself)! Don't nobody notice that the different shading for each member doesn't match.

It may be necessary to right-click and "save target as" with the following files:

Front Cover
Back Cover
Ginza Lights
Jokers Wild
Tomorrows Love
Blue Chateau
The Heavies
Lonely Girl
Out Of Limits
Lets Go!
A Summer Place
Yozora No Hoshi